All runners must adhere to the race regulations and rules to ensure safety and fairness for all participants, volunteers, medical staff, and organizers.


According to the newly revised "Sports Law of the People's Republic of China " and the newly revised "Administrative Measures for Sports Events" that will come into effect on January 1, 2023, establish a "circuit breaker" mechanism for sports events, formulate a licensing system for high-risk sports events, and refine risks prevention, emergency response, and other relevant safeguards. On January 1, 2023, the "Announcement on the Catalog of High-Risk Sports Events" was issued by the State Sports General Administration and seven ministries and commissions. Arrangements and distances exceeding 42.195 kilometers are in line with the catalog of high-risk sports events, and administrative permission is required to hold the event. At present, the application for this event has been submitted to the Province Culture, Tourism, and Sports Bureau and has been approved. We will refer to the China Mountaineering Association's "Mountain Cross-country Running Race Guidelines 2021)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines 2021") and our years of experience in running cross-country races to establish Huangshan 100 competition standards that are no lower than the Guidelines 2021.

This race will go through the corresponding administrative licensing, approval, and filing procedures in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements of the "Administrative Measures for Sports Events" and "Announcement on the Catalog of High-Risk Sports Events". As the organizer of the race, it has the right to use the start and finish points and the track along the way during the race. The start and finish places, routes, and tracks all meet the requirements of the guidelines for 2021. The equipment used in the race meets the requirements of the competition, including providing GPS satellite positioning systems for each player, establishing a complete road guidance system and supply stations, shelters, and medical aid stations, and establishing an emergency communication system for the event; Insurance and organizational liability insurance meet the requirements of the competition; the organizer will establish a rescue system that meets the standards of the China Mountain Rescue Association. Medical Association WAFA.


  • Participants must be between 8 to 65 years of age on race day. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their family members throughout the journey.
  • Participants should be in good health and have no history of high blood pressure, heart disease, or other diseases that hinder strenuous exercise.
  • When registering you must provide a physical examination certificate from a hospital at the county level or a regular physical examination institution within one year.
  • Participants have considerable cross-country race experience and agree to the rules of the race.
  • Participants must meet qualification requirements for their distance category and provide proof when registering.
  • The following diseases are unsuitable for sports and high-altitude activities:
    • Congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, myocarditis, or other heart diseases;
    • Coronary artery disease, severe arrhythmia;
    • Hypertension or cerebrovascular disease;
    • Diabetes with high or low blood sugar;
    • Asthma or other respiratory diseases;
    • Pregnant women;
    • Other high altitude incompatibilities;
    • Those who have recently been infected with the new crown are still recovering.
  • Before participating in the competition, you must have the ability to implement self-protection in mountainous areas, and be able to control and manage the problems that may arise from the relevant conditions of such events, especially the ability to do the following:
    • Know how to face harsh weather conditions due to altitude (night, wind, cold, fog, rain, or snow) without external assistance;
    • Know how to control and manage (even alone) physical or psychological problems caused by high altitude, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, and various minor diseases;
    • Fully aware that it is not the responsibility of the organizing committee to help runners overcome the above difficulties and obstacles, and fully understand that the safety of participating in such activities in mountainous areas depends on the runner's ability to adapt to the problems encountered or encountered;
    • Every runner must confirm his or her understanding of the existing race rules, accept the constraints of these rules without reservation, and promote the relevant ethics of the race.


Each distance category has competition experience requirements, and those who meet the competition experience or obtain the corresponding ITRA points are deemed to meet the registration qualifications of the corresponding group.

Contestants must provide proof of qualification when registering for the race. Acceptable proof includes race results, finisher certificate, and ITRA point listings. Please attach proof documents/photos with your registration.

  • Contestants should have the following participation experience:
    • Have run or hiked more than 10K in the past 3 years.
    • Have long-term exercise habits.
  • Contestants should have the following participation experience:
    • Have run a cross-country race of more than 30 kilometers in the past 3-years, or
    • Have a certificate for completing a full marathon in the past 3-years, or
    • Have experience hiking 40 kilometers or more in a single day and have outdoor sports experience at an altitude of 3,000 meters or more.
    • Have long-term exercise habits.
  • Contestants should have the following participation experience:
    • Have participated in and completed cross-country running competitions of more than 50 kilometers, or have scored more than 3 ITRA points in one cross-country running competition, or
    • Have completed the 35-kilometer (inclusive) category of the Shenxing series.
  • Contestants should have the following participation experience:
    • Have participated in and completed cross-country races of more than 20 kilometers in the past 3-years, or
    • Have participated in and finished a half marathon in the past 3-years, or
    • Have the experience of walking 30 kilometers or more in a single day and have outdoor sports experience at an altitude of more than 3000 meters.

Excellent outdoor sports enthusiasts who do not meet the above conditions can provide proof of outdoor experience such as text, track, and pictures to apply for the competition. (Example: mountaineering and skiing, high-altitude climbing, high-altitude long-distance cycling, long-distance hiking with certain difficulty, etc.). Submit the request with proof here. The right of approval and interpretation belongs to the organizing committee.


  • Respect wild animals, and plants and leave no trace behind.
  • Large-scale events will inevitably impact the environment, and runners must do their utmost to protect the environment. Littering on the trail may result in disqualification. We ask all runners to help us monitor the situation and remind others who break the rules.
  • The organizing committee does not provide disposable supplies at check-in points and rest stops.
  • Runners are required to bring their own supplies to enjoy hot food supplies. Bring your own portable cup, bottle, or hydration pack, food bowl, and chopsticks.
  • Runners are not allowed to take away bottles, bowls, or other disposable objects from a Check Point Station.
  • Runners are asked to put garbage in a sealed bag and keep it with them until they are disposed of in the trash can at the supply point. Do not throw garbage at will on the course. If it is discovered by the race staff, or if other players report it and verify it, the violators will have their race results canceled.


  • Runners must go along the marked race course independently and without any use of transportation.
  • Runners must check-in at each Checkpoint.
  • Runners must be familiar with the course map and understand how to navigate.
  • Runners are advised to bring a GPS navigation device and consult their GPS devices when they're unsure of which way to go.
  • Runners must present a valid proof of identity to claim their race pack, bib and timing chip.


  • The bib must be worn in the front and on the top layer so it is clearly visible at all times during the race. The race bib and timing chip must be kept on at all times, any loss will result in disqualification.
  • Emergency contact number printed on the race bib. For safety considerations, we recommend you write down your emergency information on the back of the bib before starting.
  • When the contestants arrive at the station, they should actively cooperate with the timing referee to clock in. Competitors who arrive at the station or leave the station beyond the closing time will be deemed to be closed and are not allowed to continue the competition.
  • If the contestant loses the timing device during the competition when arriving at the next station, he should take the initiative to inform the timing referee at the station, and the competition can only continue after manual recording.
  • Players should actively cooperate with the referee in the mandatory equipment inspection at the station. If they refuse to check or if the mandatory equipment is missing, they will be forced to withdraw from the race.


Violation of any of the competition rules may result in timed penalties or disqualification, and any punishment or disqualification shall be finalized by the organizing committee.

  • Contestants will be disqualified if:
    • Failure to arrive at the registration site within the specified time for registration and collection.
    • At the time of registration, the physical examination certificate check does not meet the entry requirements.
    • During registration and departure inspection, mandatory equipment inspection does not meet the entry requirements.
  • Contestants will be disqualified in the following situations:
    • During the competition, the mandatory equipment inspection is missing.
    • During the competition, not clocking in according to the order of the stations, or there is no record of clocking in at a certain station.
    • During the competition, use oxygen.
    • During the competition, take a cable car, any vehicle, or compete in other non-independent forms.
    • During the competition, not proceeding according to the stipulated route of competition, and the personal movement track obviously deviates from the course.
    • During the competition, littering on the course and not taking away the rubbish produced by oneself.
  • Participants who have the following conditions will not be accepted for registration within three years:
    • The race is closed, and they refuse to listen to dissuasion but still insist on continuing the race on the track.
    • Personally transferring the qualifications, running on the track without the qualifications, and participating for others without the qualifications.
    • Disrespect for the event, staff, and contestants, or local folk customs.

The final analysis right of the event and rules belongs to the Organizing Committee. If the event is canceled or postponed due to force majeure factors such as the epidemic, the Organizing Committee will release relevant information as soon as possible. All relevant information about this event is subject to the official announcement.


  • Compulsory equipment needs to be checked when registering. If the mandatory equipment is not complete, the entry pack will not be issued. The starting inspection will check the mandatory equipment again, and any lack of any item will disqualify the race. During the competition, the staff will also randomly check the entry packs at each checkpoint, and the contestants with incomplete mandatory equipment will be terminated from the competition.
  • It is important to note it is the minimum necessary and that each runner must adapt it according to their needs. It is important, in particular, not to choose clothing that is the lightest possible weight in order to gain a few grams but to choose items that will give real protection against the cold, windy, and mountain weather, therefore giving a good level of protection and performance.
Equipment Item 10K Race 27K Race 55K Race 35K Hike
ID ID or Passport used at registration
Insurance Proof of insurnace, participants are required to purchase their own event accident insurnace for the competition days
Mandatory Hooded windproof and waterproof top (full pressure glue, skin clothing is not recognized)
Warm top (not less than 200g, wool, fleece, or down material)
Windproof and warm trousers
Ear protection warm hat -
Full-finger warm gloves (waterproof if appropriate)
UV protective glasses
Mobile phone (fully charged)
Power bank 5000mh 10000mh 10000mh 10000mh
GPS navigation equipment (mobile phone, watch, or other navigation device with track of the event) -
Flashlight or headlamp -
First aid blanket -
Emergency whistle -
Sealed bag (storage of personal garbage)
Simple medical kit -
Hydration bottle or pack no less than 1 liter (disposable plastic bottles are not recognized)
Food container of 100ML or more (disposable bowls and chopsticks are not provided at stations)
Energy food supply of 500 calorie or more
Recomended Hiking poles
Spare shoes & socks - -
Seamless turban - - - -
Sunscreen - - - -
Lip balm - - - -


  • The organizing committee attaches great importance to the safety of the competition, but the greatest safety of the competition is that the athletes are responsible for all their actions.
  • The mandatory regulations set in the competition regulations are designed to consider the safety of athletes participating in the competition. Athletes are requested to understand, respect, and abide by them! These regulations include but are not limited to registration review conditions for each group, registration time requirements, mandatory equipment requirements, site closing time settings, etc.
  • Competitors need to understand that due to the complexity of the event environment, the arrival of rescuers may sometimes exceed their expected time. Therefore, the race bag materials carried by the contestants sometimes play a vital role in their safety.
  • When a contestant contacts the staff and asks for help, it is deemed that he has transferred his decision-making power to the organizing committee and therefore agrees to accept any decision made by the staff of the organizing committee for the contestant.
  • All event-related staff and volunteers have the right to observe and judge the physical condition of the contestant. If it is judged that the contestant is not fit to continue the competition, the contestant will be forced to withdraw from the competition, and assist him to evacuate in any way, and guide further first aid and treatment.
  • Medical emergency aid will be provided by the organization at the Start, Checkpoints, and Finish. Please contact the emergency number printed on the race bib for help when needed.
  • Medical services are provided for participants and staff.
  • Participants need to be aware that due to the complexity of the event environment, the medical personnel may exceed the expected arrival time, so the first-aid materials carried by participants can play a vital role in their safety.
  • When a participant decides to seek medical assistance from the race, it means the medical staff has been fully authorized to use necessary temporary medical means such as intravenous injection, or other emergency procedures.
  • The medical services usually associated with the emergency services personnel will be paid for by the participants themselves.
  • The organizing committee will not provide any medical protection for those who voluntarily leave the competition area and course.
  • Participants who withdraw from the competition due to lack of physical strength, illness, or injury must go to the nearest station to submit a request to the referee for withdrawal. After withdrawing from the race, the staff should follow the arrangement of the staff to evacuate the track, arrive at the designated place, and take a shuttle bus back to the finish line.
  • If a contestant withdraws from the race on the way without going through the withdrawal procedures, he shall take the initiative to notify the organizing committee in time after withdrawing from the race. If no notice is given, the organizing committee has the right not to accept the contestant's registration for this event in the future.
  • Organization Liability Insurance: The organizing committee has purchased civil liability insurance during the event, and will bear the economic losses caused by the responsibility of the organizing committee and the related consequences for the event staff and participants.
  • Personal accident insurance: According to regulations, all participants MUST arrange their own accident insurance. Competitors are free to purchase this insurance from any agency, and the insurance terms should cover possible search and rescue costs.
  • Transfer of race entry is strictly forbidden. Insurance claims, such as medical assistance, will be borne by the people who try to transfer race entry. Both runners who transfer their race entry will be disqualified from running in future events.


  • The organization reserves the right to modify at any moment the course route and the positioning of the rescue and Checkpoint, without warning.
  • In the case of unfavorable weather conditions (such as extreme quantities of rain or snow altitude level, strong risk of hazardous storms, etc.) the start may only be postponed by a maximum of several hours, after that time the race may be canceled.
  • In the case of poor weather conditions, and for reasons of safety, the organization reserves the right to stop the event underway or to modify the time barriers.
  • In case of cancellation of the race, for whatever the reason, no refund of the registration fee will be made.

Appeal and Arbitration

  • The Arbitration Committee: It is composed of a leader of the organizer, the event director, an athlete representative, and other relevant personnel selected by the organizing committee based on their individual abilities.
  • Appeal: If an athlete has any objection to the penalty or result of the competition, he or she must submit a written appeal to the Arbitration Committee within 8 hours after the penalty result or result is announced, and pay a 500 yuan appeal fee at the same time. If the time limit expires, the appeal will not be accepted. If the appeal is rejected, the appeal fee will not be refunded, and if the appeal is approved, the appeal fee will be refunded.
  • Ruling: The Arbitration Committee has the right to investigate the content of the appeal in accordance with the competition regulations and the principles of fairness, justice and openness. The ruling shall be made within the stipulated time limit, and the result of the ruling shall not be appealed.


  • The organizing committee reserves the right of final interpretation for matters not covered in the regulations of this competition.
  • The organizing committee has the right to adjust the location of the track, rescue, and supply stations at any time.
  • In case of severe weather conditions (such as a large amount of rain and snow in high altitude areas, high risk of storms...), the start time of the game may be delayed for several hours, but if the situation does not improve by the delayed start time, the game will be canceled.
  • The organizing committee has the right to terminate the competition or adjust the closing time for safety reasons in case of bad weather.
  • The organizing committee is based on force majeure reasons, including but not limited to natural disasters (such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, blizzards, and other extreme weather), government actions (such as expropriation, requisition, etc.), social abnormal events (such as strikes, parades, Riots, etc.), epidemics and communicable diseases and other reasons not caused by the organizing committee. If the cancellation is made before30 days before the start of the competition, the organizing committee will refund the registration fee in full. If the cancellation is made within 30 days before the start of the competition, the first deducted expenses that have occurred on the date of cancellation and are not recoverable, and then the refundable fee will be calculated accordingly; after the start of the game, no matter what the reason for canceling the game, the fee will not be refunded.
  • Participants and teams that are not sponsored by the official sponsor brand of the event can only display their personal sponsor logo on the clothing or equipment used during the competition. The use of any other advertising and marketing equipment (flags, banners, etc.) is prohibited at any point along the race (including the finish line), and the organizing committee will impose penalties if there is any violation.
  • Copyright of pictures and videos: The organizing committee owns the copyright of the pictures and videos of the contestants taken during the competition. The organizing committee can exercise relevant rights in this regard. Only the organizing committee has the right to transfer these through certification or authorization. the right to use the image.
  • Contestants can use the number book to enter the designated area of ​​the scenic spot for free to adapt to the altitude and track within the specified date (the specific date is subject to the notification on the registration day). The scope of activities is limited to the buffer zone and open area of ​​the scenic spot. It is strictly forbidden to enter the experimental area and core area stipulated by the scenic spot, and the consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by oneself.


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Please note that event information here represents what is planned for the event. Locations, routes, schedules, adjustments, and changes may apply depending on conditions, availability, late participation entries, and improvements. The event strives to improve for the best experience.

Race Date: MAY 18-19, 2024


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